What does the first 1/3 of your Resume say?

Let’s talk about the first 1/3 of your resume.

Does it make the reader want to see more?👀

Or does it fall flat?👎

Things like objectives, skills lists, and graphics at the top of your resume don’t bring any WOW factors.

… so what SHOULD you include at the top?

1. Name and contact info

2. Executive summary – not an objective or overview; show them your value

3. Core competencies – keep it brief (you don’t want it to look like a keyword graveyard!)

4. Notable highlights – those really awesome tidbits of info/metrics; prove your value

5. Experience – save your education for later; further your display of expertise

Is this the “secret recipe” to resume success? No (there isn’t one)!

BUT it is a great way to capture your readers’ attention and show off all of your awesome skills! Try it out and see for yourself 😉

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