Deserae D.

After thinking about it for months, I finally decided to how a resume writer. I hired Juliet because of her blue hair (no joke) because I knew that meant she would understand me and what I was looking for. I chose the most comprehensive package. The questionnaire she sent over was easy to fill out. When I got the resume back she quickly adjusted based on a couple of my comments/questions. A week later I used the resume to apply for a job at my dream company. It was a major promotion but I knew that if I could get an interview I could do this. Her guarantee worked and I found myself interviewing for my dream job. I start that job tomorrow and I 100% give credit to a resume and LinkedIn profile that stood out in all the right ways!!! I highly recommend Juliet. In fact I’ve already had a handful of friends ask for her information. She is worth it. I promise!!!


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