Quick Tips to Beat ATS

So we’ve all heard of ATS at this point… that little piece of technology that all job seekers hate.

But you’ll have to overcome your hatred for these resume-sorting robots.


Because the best way to beat ATS is to make it your friend!

Here are some fool-proof ways to get your resume past ATS and into the hands of hiring managers:

1. Refrain from using text blocks, wild colors, greyed out lines, headers, or graphics. These are just a few of the things that can totally skew how ATS reads your resume which is the last thing you want!

2. Focus on key phrases. There’s a TON of talk about keywords and how to use them on your resume, but as the job search process improves and progresses, ATS has more of a key phrase based search. Make sure you’re utilizing the right words and phrases into the resume rather than just listing them one by one.

3. Use the job description as a cheat sheet. ATS is programmed to look for specific things in your resume, so using the same terminology as HR will get you a step ahead. When writing your resume, take a look at the job descriptions for the positions you want to apply for and incorporate them into the career section or summary (just make sure it’s not word-for-word!)

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