Quick Tips to Combat Ageism

Unfortunately ageism is real. Thankfully, there are some simple ways to combat it!

🔥Have an up-to-date resume. Showing recruiters and potential employers that you stay on top of changing standards proves that you’re not too old-school.

🔥Highlight your expertise. Your resume isn’t the place to be humble. Tell them what you did, how it benefited the company, and how you can do the same for them.

🔥Don’t be afraid of your experience. So many 40+ job seekers are hesitant to put their employment dates on their resume. That just makes it seem like you’re hiding! Be confident and embrace your background.

🔥Follow the rules. Job seekers tend to try to make their own rules or submit a “different” resume to stand out. Stick with a simple format with a focus on your accomplishments and metrics to grab attention.

🔥Network (and use LinkedIn!) Prove that technology is not an issue. Utilize your profile and start finding and connecting with people in your field or career coaches and recruiters who can help you find the perfect position!

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