Feeling like a Unicorn?

I recently had a job seeker tell me that they were “a unicorn🦄 looking for a purple squirrel 🐿 of a job.”

If you feel that way, you’re not alone! The job search can be tough, but it’s nothing you can’t conquer.

Focus on…
🌀writing a resume to get past ATS and WOW recruiters
🌀researching company cultures and background in interview preparation
🌀staying up to date with industry happenings
🌀following up with recruiters/hiring managers
🌀networking both on and offline

If you need help there are TONS of career and job search professionals out there that can help (although I would love to be the one you reach out to 😉). Take advantage of your network, learn, and grow! I promise you’ll feel better because of it!

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