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Career Change Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Making a career change can be hard.

  • How do you apply to a totally different industry?
  • How do you show off your transferable skills?
  • How do figure out what you are qualified for?
  • What should you include in your cover letter?

When you sit back and look at these challenges, it is no doubt intimidating.

There are many common mistakes that people make when changing careers. Here are some of the top career change challenges – aka- The top 3 career change mistakes and how to avoid them

  1. Thinking It Will Be Impossible

It’s not impossible; promise. Many people will simply convince themselves that working through a major career change is a bad idea, and something that really isn’t practical be it due to timing, skills, or salary. When you can plan it all out, you can really create the perfect strategy and game plan to ensure you meet all qualifications and so that you can understand how to make your skills transfer onto your resume. Whatever you do, do not stay in a job you hate. Choose the career change, and put yourself out there.

  1. Charging Out The Gate Without Being Prepared

Just like the first point, you can move to quickly to allow the career change beneficial. It is great if you are excited and want to move ahead fast, but avoid doing this. Successful career changes do start with excitement, but your strategy needs to be strong to be able to navigate all of the challenges. The really great thing while planning for a career change slowly, is that you can really hone in on exactly what you want to excel in and find the perfect position for you.

  1. Know Your Network

You have met a lot of people throughout your career. Now is the perfect time to utilize these connections to help you transition into the job you want. Sound confusing? It isn’t. From LinkedIn profile connections that can leave you the right reviews and recommendations for those crucial transferable skills to finding people in your network that can give you a good referral, or even get you hooked up with an open position in a company you are looking to move into. Networking is gold.

Are you thinking or already moving towards a big career change? Make sure to check out these other tips and strategies that have valuable input in helping you build the game plan, develop your resume for a career change and kick-start looking for a job.



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