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I get asked all the time if I only write resumes. I'm happy to say I offer much more than just a resume package. My professional writing services include cover letters, executive bios, LinkedIn Profiles and more.  

One of the most crucial elements of your job search is a LinkedIn Profile. To ensure a professional presence both online and off, you need to make sure that your LinkedIn Profile is up to par. A majority of recruiters use LinkedIn as a primary source for candidates to fill the open positions and if your profile doesn't include exactly what they are looking for, you will never get chosen.

But how do you know what keywords to include to draw their attention? I have some good news: you don't have to!

My LinkedIn Profile Optimization will help recruiters take notice of you.  

At the end of the day, you need to stand out from others applying for the same job as you and look like a serious candidate. A properly developed LinkedIn can help with this. I know the keywords for your industry and I know what recruiters want - so leave it to me!

Juliet is the owner of Rosie Resumes and an unrivaled resume expert. Her focus is in taking your career background and accomplishments and translating that into what recruiters are looking for - making you the ideal candidate.

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